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Touching Hearts and Changing Lives

 Impact for Change Ministries was established in 1999 to empower, edify, and enhance the lives of others to live life on Purpose. I have had the opportunity to meet some people that just need someone to listen to them and see the heart of who they are and inspire them. I have met broken-hearted individuals that are just stuck in that same place in their mind where they were broken by the words or actions of others and wanted to be able to help them see they are not what happens to them or what was said about it.

 I wanted to make an impact in their lives by listening, mentoring, praying, training, showing love, and teaching them to not to settle but live life on purpose, I started with people in my locate church and then with people in my place employment.

I started a prayer line in 2000 to connect with people to pray for them and people started telling others about the prayer call and I started having people from all over the United States, people were going through things in their marriages and some needed jobs, cars healing and peace of mind and allowing them to share made them feel like they were not alone.  I can share that over the years many hearts have been touched and impact has taken place.

Over the years we have had many to volunteer to be a part of our events and many have invited us to be a part of impacting lives and we are grateful for every opportunity to touch the heart of an individual and see them experience change.

I started hosted retreats for women in Dallas, we would spend the weekend sharing, teaching, fellowshipping and have a pajama party, we created an environment for a person to feel safe and they were able to share their pains, disappointment, and fears. We were growing so we started hosting women retreats in KC, Omaha, Houston, San Antonio, and Chicago. I decided to make Dallas our hub so for 15 years I hosted there and now Chicago is our hub.


We have been blessed with the opportunity to host a radio show and TV broadcast on CFAN and this gives us the ability to reach and touch more hearts and see the ministration of change.

Impact for Change created The Champions of Change Award that recognizes those individuals that are touching hearts and changing lives, these individuals are ones working in the background and no one knows who they are, but their impact is great.

In 2016 Impact for Change in started receiving $500.00 donation and with additional funding bless the community, we have been able to give Christmas gifts to children and give school supplies and awards to our Champions of Change.

We will be launching our Mentorship Program the Heart of an Intercessor will be mentoring business owners and leaders it is a 6-month mentorship program in September and Impact for Change Youth Mentorship to cultivate and empower individuals to live life on purpose will be launched June 2021.


We will be launching our Power of a Dream Women’s Event in 2021, to help the female entrepreneur to establish their dream of entrepreneurship, we want to be able to provide seed money to help them get started, this will be 6 months of mentorship and we walk with them for another 6 months after the business is established.


I have learned that how you make an impact in someone’s life you have to build relationships so we will stay connected. We have a team of women that will be working with the women so we are grounded in our experiences and skills. We will be partnering with Caring Hands Foundation for Pregnant Teens, Inc. this Christmas to provide for the needs of the families.

Impact for Change is now 21 years old and I am grateful for every person who has crossed my path and every opportunity to touch a heart and see a life empowered. I am looking forward to all that comes with the next 21 years.


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