We repent from all unbelief, selfishness, rebellion and for the body of Christ ; as we humble ourselves and seek your face and turn from our wicked ways, we pray that we will hear from heaven and be forgiven of our sin so that our land may be healed. (2 Chronicles 7:14)


Walk in a higher level of faith

  • We break the limitations off of our minds and believe that impossible is nothing and that with God all things are possible (Matt 19:26)

  • We decree that as Believers, we walk in a level of faith that we do not doubt in our heart, but believe that those things which we say shall come to pass; we shall

      have whatsoever we say. (Mark 11:23)

  • We break the assignment of hell that would have our faith focused on money only and not on healing and miracles; we release our faith for the supernatural to

      be common place.


Spirit of Unity (Ephesians 4:2-4)

  • We pray for a spirit of unity in the church that would transcend gender, race, regions and denominations to stand together as a united front against the enemy.

  • We pray that the body of Christ would truly function as a body and walk in unison to realize that the true enemy is satan and not each other.

  • We cancel every assignment of disunity in the body of Christ and loose the spirit of oneness of love toward one another while loosing confusion in satan's camp.   


Rightfully Dividing the Word of Truth (2Tim 2:15)

  • We pray that we as a people would study to show ourselves approved unto God, not being ashamed discerning what is of God and what is not.

  • We pray that every lying tongue would cease and we bind every deceitful lie spread by satan and that every liar would be brought to an open shame.

  • We pray that the spirit of truth would rule and reign in our courts, in the media, in the schools and everywhere where there is an ear to hear.


True Justice in the earth (Zech 7:9)

  • We pray true justice would be executed in the earth and that unjust law would be over turned

  • We pray that the scales of justice would lean in favor of the church and that this nation would see that the things of God are self-evident.

  • We bind all spirits of greed, selfishness and immorality that would influence our justice system and we lose the justice of God upon our nation.

  • We pray that we are no longer bystanders to the things that are corrupt in our society but that we are on assignment to bring change


Creative Anointing

  • We pray for creative and innovative ideas, ones that will bring wealth and riches individually and corporately

  • We pray for creative miracles to increase, especially unusual miracles

  • We decree that our churches will be filled with miracles and that they would overflow into our cities creating zones within our cities free of sickness and disease.

  • We lose the spirit of creativity into the body of Christ to the point where it is reported in the secular media and it is seen even in the market place.


Fearless in the midst of opposition (Isaiah 54:17)

  • We decree that the hand of the Lord is upon us and that we fearless and unafraid of any opposition

  • We decree that every plot, scheme, attack of the satan is futile and of none effect; his arrows shall dissolve into dust as they approach our dwelling

  • We decree that a higher level of boldness is being released into the atmosphere that will swash our enemies under our feet

  • We decree ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Today is the day we stop him dead in his tracks!! 


Spirit of Prophecy

  • We pray that the spirit of prophecy shall increase to reveal the heart of men and to reveal the hidden things

  • We pray for prophetic acts to begin to overflow into the streets of our cities and that life would be spoken over the soil of the land (Ezekiel 37)

  • We pray for Prophetic Decrees (Isaiah 52:10)


Anointing to Dominate

  • We pray Gen. 1:28 to be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion.

  • We pray Lord give us strategies on how to be fruitful in evangelism and fill our city with the doctrine of Christ (Acts 5:28)

  • We pray for 100% market share of all souls in this nation; let us not be satisfied with just enough; let the spirit of total domination arise in the church


Wealth Transfer

  • We pray that all the wealth that we have been believing for and have not seen in the past will come to pass this year

  • We bind the "spirit of delay" that has been sent against our lives

  • We pray that locked gates be open in "08"

  • We pray for wisdom and strategies to eradicate systemic poverty off our bloodlines

  • We pray for the development of new structures of intercession to do the spiritual warfare necessary to transfer wealth 


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