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Praying For City


And they shall build the old wastes, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations. Isaiah 61:4


The following decrees were sent to me by Linelle Kelly and I wanted to share them with you that you may decree them over your city.

~ Prophetess Renee                                                                                                                                                        



Thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be established..." Job 22:28

The first thing God gave man was land as good stewards, we will see the defilement come off (Name) and transformation take place.

Romans 5:17, Romans 6:18
(Name) is a plumb line. It is a measuring line of righteousness. We have in our hands a plumb line.

Deuteronomy 8:18
The supply lines for (Name) are now reopened. Wealth will be released from (Name) into the nations.

Malachi 3:10-12
The "Malachi" anointing is upon (Name). The curse is broken and the devourer is rebuked. Nations will call (Name) blessed.

Malachi 4:5-6
The heart of the fathers will turn to the children and the heart of the children to the fathers... from (Name).

Zechariah 3:9b
The course has been set. The iniquity in the land of (Name) will be removed "in one day."

Romans 13:11
(Name) is being restored to a new dimension of awakening. Salvation is near.

I Timothy 2:4
All in (Name) will be saved.

Zechariah 4:6-7
The stronghold of the nation is in (Name), and it is coming down.

Luke 21:13-15
(Name) will be released from shame and rejection. Wisdom will overwhelm the enemy.

Romans 12:2
(Name) embraces the mindset of freedom and liberty. We decree blessing cycles to begin.

Luke 16:13
(Name) serves God and not mammon.

Matthew 6:9-13
Thy Kingdom come; thy will be done in (Name) as it is in heaven.

Psalm 29:4
Today, all over (Name), we say what you say, God. The word throughout our state is powerful.

Judges 7:21
The church in (Name) will protect its relationships and will hold its positions.

Colossians 4:2-3
(Name) lifts up our spiritual leaders. We speak words of blessing, victory, strength, and peace.

Ephesians 4:3
(Name) makes every effort to keep the unity. The powers of darkness fear the unified church in this state.

Numbers 13:30
The people of (Name) are willing to fight for what God has promised; we will not surrender.

Psalm 103:20, Hebrews 1:14
(Name) is filled with angels - breakthrough angels.

Psalm 24:1
The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof.  Every place we walk in (Name), we create fullness.

I Samuel 30: 18-19
The redemptive plan for (Name) is coming into fullness.  A new release of prosperity and wealth has opened! Wealth is linked with recovery.

Zechariah 3:7
(Name), you are important in this nation.  You are the meeting point to determine how this nation goes.  You are a key.


Hebrews 12:14-15
The people of (Name) do not compete with each other.  We pray and trust that God is moving.

Hebrews 12:26-28
The iniquities holding the land of (Name) captive and influencing the people are being shaken.

Philippians 3:13-14
(Name) is one step ahead of the enemy's plan.  We now move forward by faith and will not back up.

Genesis 1:1, Genesis 2:1-4
God is filling (Name) with creation knowledge.  


Micah 2:13
This is the year that (Name) breaks through.  After October, the presence of God will manifest.

Jeremiah 31:16-17
We have defined the harvest field in (Name), and we see it coming forth.

Galatians 5:1
The captivity mentality and victim mindset are now off of (Name).  We are moving to a new sphere of authority.

Hebrews 4:16
We do not look back.  (Name) looks forward into places of freedom.  We are bold and not intimidated by anything.

Proverbs 10:25, 30
The money will dry up that's linked with Baal.  The ruling structure will be uprooted in (Name).

Exodus 20:3-17
Moral values will return in (Name).

Daniel 7:18
A revolution is arising in (Name). Momentum is shifting.  The advancement of the kingdom is accelerating.


Esther 4:14, Judges 4:14; 5:13
God has chosen (Name) to help turn paradigms.  There is an anointing for trailblazing and expansion.

Isaiah 42:6-7
(Name) is brilliant at solving problems in unique ways.  Revelation comes natural to (name).

 II Chronicles 15:7
God is using the pain of the past to loosen the stranglehold of injustice in (Name).  We are walking out a national mandate.

Joshua 1:1-9, 13
(Name) is targeted for transformation.  We will cut a new path without violating the old path.

II Chronicles 7:12-16
(Name) is uncovering the root issues.  We will steward our responsibilities and cleanse this land.

Deuteronomy 21:8-9, Revelation 19:6
We repent for false claims to ownership of (Name) made by the principality, Baal. (Name) is dedicated to The Most High God.

Amos 9:11-15
We call for the sound of worship to counteract the demonic sounds going into this land.  We release (Name) into God's destiny.  

II Thessalonians 3:16, Revelation 11:15
We call (Name) into it's rightful place.
We declare righteousness and peace over (Name).
We say that (Name) is under the sovereign rule of The Most High God.
Jesus is Lord over (Name). 

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