Praise Report

Renee Scott was ordained by our ordination board in 1994. She was on our church staff and head of the intercessory prayer for the ministry. She was associate pastor and was over seer of the church in my absence.

Renee Scott has not only lived and worked in ministry in Chicago, but also  in Omaha, Nebraska. She has her own ministry traveling across the nation helping many churches as the Lord leads. She ia a spiritual mother to many young women. She is an advocate of truth and the Word.  She ia a person of order and well respects leadership. She constantly studies to show herself approved a workman that need not to be ashamed.

With all the work that she has done, it is a honor to write this letter on her behalf. Renee Scott is someone who has traveled with me across the country and is well respected by churches and family.

~ Apostle Alvin Mitchell

I have had the opportunity to interact with Prophetess Scott in several different settings over the last ten years.   Through our connection over those years, I have witnessed her dedication to see the Kingdom of God advance.   She spends countless hours teaching, witnessing, mentoring and exhorting the men and women of God to grow in their knowledge and pursuit of Him.  God has used Prophetess Scott profoundly at the Lighthouse Family Worship Center and has been instrumental in the growth of our local members.  All the while, she remains humble, teachable and open to the moving of the Holy Spirit.  She combines solid biblical teaching and compassion that not only reaches those in the church; but, she is also a bold witness to those who have not yet joined the Body.  Her heart is pure and truly seeks His will in all she pursues.  I have not only sat under Prophetess Scott’s ministry, but have a working ministry relationship with her.  I have complete confidence in her relationship with God for the fruits of the Spirit are evident and she maintains  integrity in every aspect of her life.

~ Pastor Kathy Gott, Lighthouse Family Worship Center


Prophet Renee Scott has a powerful prayer anointing on her life. She is like a battering ram in the spirit. Through her relentless intercession countless lives have been changed for the better. She has been a tremendous support to many leaders providing prayer coverage as well as prophetic counsel. Her heart of love, humility and compassion for God's people as well as mankind has been an excellent demonstration of the servanthood of Christ.

Prophet Renee is a no nonsense preacher releasing the word of God with unapologetic holy boldness.

She has an unquenchable passion for the things of God and through the prophet's mantle, prophetic preaching and intercession she has been a caused tremendous impact in advancing the kingdom and establishing the government of God in the earth.


~ Prophet D. Gatson


Prophetess Renee is first and foremost a mighty Woman of God! Her love for GOD and compassion for the HIS people make her a true servant of the King. Because she moves in unwavering Faith, GOD has granted her access to the deep places in the realm of the Spirit to decree and declare the Word of GOD with power and precision. She is a mighty intercessor, prophet, and mentor who is an asset to the Kingdom of GOD!


~ Stacy


You prophesied to me months ago that I would be teaching more at the church I attend. Well, I just wanted to let you know that the Lord has opened doors for me to not only minister every third Sunday, but every Wednesday night for Bible Study. Now I was just asked to become the Sunday School Superintendent and teach the Adult class/ Praise the Lord for his goodness and his kindness toward us. He is a good God and worthy to be praised. I thank God for the honor to be used by him in Jesus name. Amen.


~ Minister C.B.


Prophetess Renee is a true woman of God and has been a great blessing to me and to the body of Christ. She always operates in the spirit of excellence and integrity. It is always a pleasure when I have an opportunity to minister with her. She is also a woman of Great wisdom and compassion, and carries a mothering anointing on her life! I have been touched by her life and her ministry in a profound way, and I am in great expectation of the many exploits that God is doing in and through her!!!


~ Markita L Hicks


My name is Lisa Norman and I've been growing spirtually for 20 years now. Since Ive been on this quest to know God , Ive also noticed a pattern. The pattern that ive noticed is, God has arranged our paths to colide with others to catapult us to our next place in him. Its not often, but its crucial that we discern our appointed times with others. I met Prophetess Renee Scott thru a friend telling me about her prayer line, then she came to Dallas to speak and I attended. GOD had told me my purpose and I had dreams for my lifr but I had lost hope on the dreams that he had given me for my life. I thought that they would never come to pass because it had been so long and everytime I take a step forward, Id take two steps back. I knew that there was something holding me back from walking in what God had called me to do.On other occasions I had called on people to pray for me but I would slip back into the same cycle of defeat. At one of Renee conferences she prayed for me and acknowledged the struggle that I had with moving forward in my purpose and how I had been trying to move forward but was stuck. She also told me the Lord was releasing me to move forward. Where Iam now in regards to living on purpose is a direct result of our paths crossing . Everyone has a part to play in equipping the saints for the work of the ministry and she is equipped and anointed to do her part . Since Prophetess Renee has prayed for me and spoke into my life Iam now moving forward in my assignment to advance the kingdom of God and full fill my purpose in this life. Thank You Miss Renee Scott for your sacrifice, labor and love in equipping the saints for the work of the minstry.


~ Lisa Norman Business Owner, Cosmetology Instructor, and Conflict Resolution Coach.


Prophetess Renee Walker has truly impacted and changed my life and the lives of others by example and her love for God. She truly has a prophetic gift and unique intercessory ministry that heals and delivers people from bondage and allows people to walk in total victory in their lives. Her sevanthood has impacted the lives of others as well as those who are in ministry with her. I am so glad to have her in my life, She is a mentor, mother, and truly the mouthpiece of God chosen for this generations and generations to come.


~ Psalmist Joycelynn Hall


I first met Prophetess Renee Scott in 1996. Prior to meeting her I had never met anyone with such a strong and powerful prophetic anointing as she. I’ve witnessed Prophetess Scott as she became a part of another ministry. She carried such an anointing and was diligent in her assignment in taking them to another level in the prophetic and apostolic. She has never stopped allowing God to use her to bring his people to be all they can be in Christ . 
The name of her ministry, “Impact for Change,” describes her character both naturally and spiritually. Impact for change has blessed people in other countries as well as the United States. She has an enormous impact on all who is blessed by the spiritual gifting God has placed inside of her. She is a true woman of integrity, honor, compassion and faithful to her promises. Prophetess Scott is totally sold out to Christ and He is first in her life. 
She is not only known for having such a strong prophetic anointing but she is also known for her prayers. I call it the gift of prayer. She is a powerful prayer warrior and does not mind warring with you and for you. Because of her love for prayer which is evident to all who know her, God has set her apart for such a time as this to bring Heaven down to Earth so His will is manifested so that all men may see His glory. 

Being a great woman of God she walks in humility and power. She gives all glory and honor to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ . Prophetess has been a blessing to my life personally and the lives of my family. She is a mentor and teacher to many. In all the years I have known her she has never changed. Most of all she is trustworthy. You can trust her with anything and she will not let you down nor put you down when you need to be lifted up. Prophetess Scott will tell you the truth in love to help you to grow and not cripple you. She only wants the best for others as God so desires. I am honored to have had the opportunity to become a part of her life. I consider it a gift and for this I will be forever grateful. I will close in the words she so often recites, “To God be the glory for the things He has done.” Thank you Prophetess Scott for obeying God and walking in your calling. 


~ Karen A Hogan 


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